Your life begins to change when you change something you do every day.

– John Maxwell

Whatever Your Story, You’ve Found The You-nique Solution!

  • Do you want to be lean, sexy and confident?
  • Maybe you want to release weight and have better health to play with your children?
  • Are you getting prepared for the BIG WEDDING DAY and need a boost to help reach your goal?
  • Are you reminiscing over your high school or college playing days and want “that body” back only its 20 years later?
  • Has the doctor given you orders, “Do this or else?”

You-Nique Physique Is A Personal Training Studio

  • One-on-One Private Sessions
  • Group Training and Boot Camps
  • Lifestyle and Weight Management
  • Yoga, Pilates and Core Moves (flexibility and abdominal toning)
  • Customized Nutrition & Meal Plans
  • Sports Massage, Therapy and Stretching
  • Marathon and Half-Marathon Training
  • Figure Competition Preparation
  • Corporate Wellness Programs and Team Training

Life is not a game but you do have to play BIG to win. Today’s decisions impact the rest of your life and so… the choice is yours.

This is your moment to be You-nique!

Together, Our Team Offers Over 18+ Years of Experience. You-nique Physique Trainers are High-Skilled and Certified.